Baseball Room Decorations

baseball room decorations

KRL (395)

KRL (395)

Colorado Rockies game; pre-game batting practice. Coors Field, located in Denver, Colorado, is the home field of Major League Baseball's Colorado Rockies. It is named for the Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado, which purchased the naming rights to the park prior to its completion in 1995. The Rockies played their first two seasons, 1993 and 1994, in Mile High Stadium before moving to Coors Field, two blocks from Union Station in Denver's Lower Downtown (or LoDo) neighborhood. The park includes 63 luxury suites and 4,526 club seats.

Coors Field was the first new stadium added in a six-year period in which Denver's sports venues were upgraded, along with Pepsi Center and INVESCO Field at Mile High. It was also the first baseball-only National League Park since Dodger Stadium was built in 1962.

As with the other new venues, Coors Field was constructed with accessibility in mind. It sits near Interstate 25 and has direct access to the 20th Street and Park Avenue exits. Nearby Union Station also provides light rail access.

Coors Field was originally planned to be somewhat smaller, seating only 43,800. However, after the Rockies drew almost 4.5 million people in their first season at Mile High Stadium - the most in baseball history - the plans were altered during construction, and new seats in the right field upper deck were added.

The center field bleacher section has its own informal name: "The Rockpile." During the 1993 and 1994 seasons when the team played at Mile High Stadium, which was a hybrid football/baseball venue, the Rockpile was located in the south stands, which were in dead center field and very distant from home plate. The same design was incorporated into Coors Field, and is located in deep center field up high. The original Rockpile seats cost a dollar each.

During construction, workers discovered a number of dinosaur fossils throughout the grounds, including a 7-foot-long (2.1 m) 1,000-pound (450 kg) triceratops skull. Because of this, "Jurassic Park" was one of the first names to be considered for the stadium. This later led to the selection of a dinosaur as the Rockies' mascot, "Dinger."

Coors Field was the only major league park with an underground heating system until the construction of Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.

While most of the seats in Coors Field are dark green, the seats in the 20th row of the upper deck are purple. This marks the city's one mile elevation point.

The Blue Moon Brewery at The Sandlot is a microbrewery/restaurant that is behind the Right Field Stands, with an entrance from Coors Field, and from Blake Street. The brewery is operated by the Coors Brewing Company, and experiments with craft beers on a small scale. Every year, they receive awards at the Great American Beer Festival in many different categories. The popular Blue Moon, a Belgian-Style Wheat beer was invented here, and is now mass produced by Coors. The restaurant is housed in a building that is attached to the stadium. Coors Field has an extensive selection of food items. Selections include sushi, rocky mountain oysters, Rockie dogs, Denver dogs, Tucson dogs, and of course all of the usual ball park items.

Behind the center field wall is a landscape decoration that reflects the typical environment of the Rocky Mountains. This landscape area consists of a waterfall, fountains, and pine trees. After a Rockies home run or win the fountains shoot high into the air.

The park has two large light emitting diode (LED) video displays and one ribbon display in the outfield from Daktronics. The top display, underneath the "Rockies," measures 27 feet high by 47 feet wide (8.1 m x 14.35 m). The second display measure 33 feet high by 73 feet wide and is used to give lineups and statistics and as a scoreboard. The field also contains several Daktronics ribbon displays, totaling approximately 833 feet in length.

Stadium designers speculated early on that Coors Field would give up a lot of home runs. The park is by far the highest in the majors, and designers knew that the low air density at such a high elevation would result in balls traveling further than in other parks. With this in mind, the outfield fences were placed at an unusually far distance from home plate; thus creating one of the largest outfields in baseball today. Because of the large outfield, for many years Coors Field not only gave up the most home runs in baseball, but also gave up the most doubles and triples as well.

In its first decade, the above-average number of home runs earned Coors Field a reputation as the most hitter-friendly park in Major League Baseball, earning the nickname "Coors Canaveral" among critics (a reference to Cape Canaveral, from where NASA launches spacecraft). Prior to the 2002 baseball season, studies determined that it was more the dry air rather than thin air which contributed to the more frequent home runs. It was found that baseballs stored

Presidential Decorations

Presidential Decorations

Taken at the George Bush, Sr., Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

I love Christmas decorations. When I "grow up" I want to have a Christmas tree in every room of my house. I'll have one family Christmas tree with special ornaments, and the other Christmas trees will be themed (baseball, Texas A&M, specific color schemes, etc.).

baseball room decorations

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Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

centerpiece decoration ideas

Winter Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Winter Wedding Centerpiece Idea

This winter-themed centerpiece uses faux snow and a tealight candle for a wonderful "fire and ice" effect. It would also work well as a holiday centerpiece. For more information, please visit our profile to find the link to our company website.



A nice still life table centerpiece filled with something brown and round >>> ?

centerpiece decoration ideas

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tropical bathroom decor

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Decor Medieval

decor medieval

Berthold Furtmayr, Arbre de vie et de mort, 1481

Berthold Furtmayr, Arbre de vie et de mort, 1481

Oeuvre de l'allemand Berthold Furtmayr d'epoque Renaissance, presentant la Vierge a gauche et Eve a droite, de part et d'autre de l'Arbre de Vie. Ce genre de decor aniconique medieval a beaucoup influence le style des artistes Art nouveau.

Blue lion aquamanile and other medieval recreations

Blue lion aquamanile and other medieval recreations

The twelfth century style aquamanile among other replicated medieval items. The aquamanile is an artistic pitcher for wine, water, Kool-Aid or whatever you want to put in it. The water comes out of the lion's mouth when poured.

decor medieval

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Decorate A Teenagers Room. Rustic Garden Decorations.

Decorate A Teenagers Room

decorate a teenagers room

Knickerbocker Hotel

Knickerbocker Hotel

The Knickerbocker Hotel is one of the very few grand hotels in the Beaux-Arts style surviving in the Times Square area. Designed in 1901 by the firm of Marvin & Davis with the well-known Bruce Price as consulting architect, the building was financed by John Jacob Astor, the fourth namesake of the patriarch of one of America's richest families. It is executed in red brick, richly ornamented with French Renaissance detail, and crowned by a prominent copper mansard roof with corner pavilions and cresting.

The Knickerbocker was one of several New York hotels built by the Astor family in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Near Times Square in the heart of the theater district, it was advertised as a "Fifth Avenue Hotel at Broadway Prices"; intended to attract not only guests in residence, but also theater-goers and other visitors, its large restaurants and bar-rooms were elaborately decorated, featuring electrified fountains, and murals by noted artists such as Maxfield Parrish and Frederic Remington. These public rooms were designed in 1905 by the firm of Trowbridge & Livingston.

The hotel site also includes an annex with a narrow Romanesque Revival facade on West 41st Street which pre-dates the main building. This structure, which was used as a service entrance, was originally a small hotel, designed by Philip C. Brown in 1894.

With the onset of Prohibition, the Knickerbocker was converted to commercial and office use and continues to serve these purposes, while also reflecting the architectural richness of the Times Square area in the Gilded Age.

The Development of Times Square

The construction of large hotels in the Times Square district resulted from the northward expansion of the city, the growth of mass transportation, and the relocation of the theater district.

A rural area in the early 1800s, it evolved into an urban area following the opening of Grand Central Depot and the completion of the Third and Sixth Avenue Elevated Railways in 1871. Although the first subway line—the IRT to 145th Street— did not reach Times Square until 1904, the route had already been fixed in 1901. In that year plans were filed for three hotels, including the Knickerbocker, fourteen apartment houses, and one theater all located near Times Square. Land values rose about a third virtually overnight.

The theater district, which had moved northward in stages, up Broadway, reached the area. Far-sighted theater managers, such as Oscar Hammerstein, who opened the Lyric Theater in 1895, anticipated the emergence of a new concentration of theaters around Times Square (which had been named for the Times Tower of 1904). Between 1901 and 1920, forty-three additional theaters were built in midtown, east and west of Broadway. Auxiliary entertainment services sprang up--restaurants, dance halls and hotels.

The Astor Family's Hotel Interests

The Knickerbocker was only one of several New York hotels constructed by the Astor family in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Beginning with the Astor House of 1836 on lower Broadway, the family established a reputation for building costly and well-appointed hotels. John Jacob Astor (1864-1912), the fourth namesake of the patriarch of the family, and his cousin William Waldorf Astor (1848-1919) built a number of luxury hotels around the turn of the century. William Waldorf's Waldorf Hotel of 1895 and John Jacob's Astoria Hotel, begun in the same year on adjacent sites (both sites now occupied by the Empire State Building, a designated New York City Landmark) were eventually joined to form the first Waldor-Astoria Hotel (architect, Henry Hardenbergh) which was considered in its day to be the grandest New York hotel, setting the standard for others to equal or surpass.

William Waldorf Astor also financed the Hotel Netherland (1890-93; demolished) and the Hotel Astor at Times Square (1902-04; demolished). Designed by Clinton & Russell, the Hotel Astor was an elaborate Beaux-Arts structure, of red brick with limestone detail and a mansard roof. Comparable in style to the Knickerbocker, it also featured eclectic and elaborate public rooms. John Jacob Astor built the exclusive St. Regis Hotel on Fifth Avenue, begun in 1904, designed by Trowbridge & Livingston, and this highly successful venture very likely led to that firm's commission for the interior of the Knickerbocker Hotel.

History of the Knickerbocker

John Jacob Astor leased the new hotel site to the Philadelphia-based International Realty & Construction Company. At the time of this agreement the site was occupied by the Hotel St. Cloud and a smaller eight-story building facing on West 41st Street (which became known as the annex). While the St. Cloud was razed (Astor stipulated that a new hotel to cost at least two million dollars replace it), the 41st Street structure was retained. According to the New York City Department of Buildings, it was designed by Philip C. Brown in 1894 as a h



Who doesn't daydream?

I only uploaded this because I was tagged, and I wanted to answer questions, so.
Oh, and if I add you, you don't necessarily have to do it or read it, ignore me if you wish :D

12 thruths:

What was your:
1.Last beverage - Chocolate cream at Starbucks
2.Last song you listened to - something by Vampire Weekend
3.Last time you cried - Not sure...haven't cried in a while, it's strange
4.What time you woke up today - twelve past twelve
5.Something you can't wait for - First kiss, it'll happen someday
6.Right or lefty - Righty, unfortunately :(. WHY COULDN'T I BE BORN LEFT-HANDED?

Which is better?
7.Lips or eyes - Eyes. Green eyes.
8.Hugs or kisses - Kisses, more exciting than hugs

Do you believe in:
9.Yourself - Pfft, nope.
10. Miracles - Definitely
11.Love at first sight - No, not at all
12. Heaven - Sure thang

Thirty one things I love (in no particular order)
1. Guns N' Roses
2. All kinds of music
3. Bacon
4. Photography, whether or not you're good at it
5. Space hoppers
6. Sleeping for more than 8 hours
7. Postcards
8. David and Goliath - go to the website, it's awesome
9. Anything RETRO
10. FOOD, beautiful food
11. Non-conforming teenagers
12. Emos
13. Rain and sun at the same time
14. Water
15. Rom-coms, pathetic as it sounds
16. Full moons
17. Writing in my too cool diary
18. Nail polish but not any other type of make-up
19. The freaks, outcasts, emos, rebels
20. Glee
21. Cadbury chocolate purple
22. Love quotes
23. Converse and Dr Martens
24. Novelty jewellery and bags
25. Badges
26. Most of my friends
27. Floppy/curly/scruffy hair
29. Making people laugh with my casual reference to the hilarious things black people get up to (I'm black too, it's not racism)
30. Being different and awkward and horribly unfashionable but enjoying it anyway

Name : India-Mae, but just India to many
Age : Fourteen, but I look four
Languages : English, American and Australian :D
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Career Aspiration : Psychologist or music journalist or medical journalist (I'm sure that's a job) or magazine editor (but not a fashion magazine, that sounds like a sad life)
What are your passions: Photography, music (so much music) and food :)
Hobbies : Walking, listening to music but not playing it aaaand writing. Oh, and decorating my room.
Goals in life : To become INTERESTED in exercise besides walking. I'm usually forced into any other type of exercise
Favorite books : Looking For Alaska, Twilight, Eclipse (but not New Moon or Breaking Dawn, Bella annoys me in those) and My Sister's Keeper
Favorite movies : Hairspray (newest one), Back to the Future, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Forrest Gump
You watch : Glee, when it's not on hiatus, Doctor Who (sci-fi geeks FTW), and music channels. And That 70's Show whenever I get to go America, cos we don't have it in the UK :(

1. What Color Is Your Toothbrush: Blue
2. Name One Person That Made You Smile Today: I'll name them all, Amy, Jessica, Zoe, mum and Maya
3. What were you doing at 8 AM?: Sleeping
4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago?: Eating, om nom
5. What is your favorite candy?: Twix
6. Biggest pet peeve: An African food, hilariously named fufu (pronounced foo-foo)
7. What's the last thing you said out loud?: "OK Maya" in a sarcastic tone
8. What is the best ice cream flavor?: Anything chocolate. But not mint chocolate, eww.
9. What was the last thing you had to drink?: Didn't you already ask me that?
10. What is your shortest time of sleep?: A minute and a half while I dreamt of falling off a bicycle
11. Have you ever made a promise you'd die to keep?: I'm not dying for anything!
12. Favourite animal: Pandas, pigs and sloths
13. The last sporting event you watched?: I never watch sporting events on TV. What a waste of time.
14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn?: Salted.
15. Who is the last person you sent a message to on flickr?: Lani :D

decorate a teenagers room

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Decorated Bathroom Photos

decorated bathroom photos

Bathroom Sink. Part Three

Bathroom Sink. Part Three

Wow. When you take a photo it really flattens things out and gives you a better perspective. I suppose I heard that a few times in art critiques but this really brings it home.

I didn't consider this area finished, but the photo certainly points out the lack of color. The re-used pasta sauce jars are filled with a collection of old lighters. I don't think it was necessarily successful, but maybe a larger glass piece with only a few colors of lighters would work better. I'm committed to doing something with this collection of lighters!

Bathroom 13/08/10

Bathroom 13/08/10

Photos of our house before any work began - we completed on 13th August 2010 and work began to completely strip, rewire, plaster and decorate/furnish the house in time for Christmas 2010!

decorated bathroom photos

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